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Elite Africa Research is a business that specializes in conducting research studies to help organizations better understand their customers, competitors, and markets. Social research focuses on understanding social phenomena such as attitudes, behaviors, and trends in society, while market research focuses on understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and demand for products and services.

Market research-Customer and consumer experience

Market research is the process of collecting and analyzing information about a particular market, industry, or product to inform business decisions. Customer and consumer experience are two key areas of focus in market research. The customer experience (CX) research is concerned with understanding how customers interact with a company and its products or services.

Brand Research-awareness, equity and brand health

Brand research is the process of gathering information and insights about a brand to inform marketing and business decisions. It can encompass several areas, including brand awareness, brand equity, and brand health. Brand awareness research measures how familiar consumers are with a brand and its products or services.

Trade research-retail audit, market sizing, advertising and merchandising

Trade research is a type of market research that focuses on understanding the trade or distribution of goods and services. It includes several areas, such as retail audit, market sizing, advertising, and merchandising. Retail audit research involves collecting and analyzing data about the sales and distribution of products within the retail environment.

Social research-baselines, evaluations and development research.

Social research is a type of research that aims to study human behavior and social interactions. It includes several areas, such as baselines, evaluations, and development research. Baseline research is conducted to establish a starting point for measuring changes in behavior or attitudes.

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About Us

We are a premier research and consulting firm with experienced research team; the lead researcher has more than 15 years’ experience in market research and worked in more than 15 countries in sub-Saharan Africa carrying out opinion polling, social and market surveys for various institutions. The lead researcher is backed up by a team of experienced research assistants with immense knowledge of local market.
We have experience in public health, education, financial sector (including insurance, banking, mobile money and savings groups; agriculture, social and opinion polling.
Elite Africa Research offer tailor-made solutions and based on consumer and public needs.
We go beyond data and provide insights and strategy to help our clients build strong brands.

Our Services

Social Research

Social research refers to the systematic study of social phenomena, including individuals, groups, organizations, and societies. The aim of social research is to generate new knowledge about social behavior, attitudes, and interactions.

  • Baselines, Midline and Endline Evaluations
  • Monitoring and evaluation of data collection
  • Impact assessments
  • Documentation
  • Case Studies
  • Ethnography
  • Total Market Understanding

Market Research

Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, product, or service. It is used to understand customer needs, preferences, and behavior, as well as to identify opportunities and challenges in the marketplace.

  • Consumer surveys
  • Brand prepositioning
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Brand Awareness
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Product Tests
  • Employees satisfaction surveys

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is the process of tracking and analyzing media coverage of a particular person, organization, product, or topic. It involves monitoring a wide range of media sources, including traditional media outlets such as newspapers, television, and radio, as well as digital media sources such as blogs, social media, and online news sites.

  • Advertisement monitoring
  • Editorial monitoring
  • Audience Measurements
  • Media preference surveys

Opinion Polls

Opinion polls are surveys that seek to measure public opinion on a specific topic or issue. They are used to gather data on the views, beliefs, and attitudes of a representative sample of people, typically within a given population or geographic region. Opinion polls can be conducted using a variety of methods, including online surveys, telephone interviews, in-person interviews, and mail surveys.

The goal of opinion polls is to provide accurate information about what a particular group of people thinks or feels about a given topic. Pollsters will use a variety of techniques to ensure that the sample is representative of the population being surveyed, including random sampling and stratified sampling.

Perception Surveys

Perception surveys are a type of research method that seeks to understand how people perceive and interpret a specific phenomenon or concept. They are commonly used in marketing research to gauge consumer perceptions of brands, products, and services, but they can also be used in other fields such as politics, social sciences, and healthcare.

Perception surveys typically involve asking participants a series of questions to understand how they think and feel about a particular topic. The questions may be open-ended or closed-ended, and they may ask participants to rate or rank different aspects of the topic.

Political Research

Political research is a field of social science that focuses on the study of political systems, processes, and behavior. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including elections, public opinion, political parties, interest groups, political institutions, and policy-making.

Political research is conducted through a variety of methods, including surveys, experiments, case studies, interviews, and observational research. Researchers in this field seek to understand how political systems and processes work, and how they can be improved or changed to better serve the needs of society.

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